Helping businesses, agencies, and marketing technology providers build relationships

Our partner relationship development services cultivate and promote relationships between client side marketing stakeholders, agencies, and marketing technology providers.

For Businesses

We give confidence to businesses who are considering outsourcing their digital marketing activity or finding a technology partner but are not sure how to go about it. We do this by guiding those businesses in conducting selection processes that are rewarding for both prospective partner and client. When clients are looking to bring external digital marketing activity in-house we work with our associates to source the best candidates for those new in-house teams.

Many businesses make the mistake of setting limitations on how their potential partners can pitch for accounts. The key is to maintain control and parity within the process without stifling the very creativity that will set the good apart from the great.

We have a tried and tested methodology that takes you through all the key elements of the selection process:

  • When & why to hold a pitch?
  • The Pitch Team
  • Pitch Practicalities
  • The Pitch Process - Stage by Stage
  • Pitch preparation
  • First round
  • Second round
  • Contractual negotiation

Our experience covers both client and partner side of the process so we are ideally placed to advise on getting the very most from your shortlisted candidates.

For Agencies and Marketing Technology Providers

We help agencies and marketing technology solutions providers develop and make the best of their sales opportunities. We do this by understanding how they currently position themselves in the market against their competitors, help them strategise their future sales approach, and work with them to deliver on their marketing objectives and sales targets. This work includes the following:

Strategy Review

  • Brand Immersion
  • Understanding historic activity
  • Competitor analysis
  • RFI/RFP and pitch approach
Strategy Development

  • Proactive activity that is initiated by your own prospect profiling.
  • Reactive activity that is triggered by a response to your marketing effort such as:
    • Likes, shares, or responses to your social media campaigns or where you or your solutions are featured in social media, blog posts, articles, content marketing etc.
    • Inbound email or phone enquiries as a result of outbound email campaigns, newsletters, or ATL marketing campaigns efforts or articles.
  • CRM development and customisation to support your sales and marketing effort.
  • RFI/RFP and live pitch processes development.
  • Supporting existing sales and marketing activity.
  • Forecasting results.
Strategy Deployment

  • Ongoing planning of sales strategy.
  • Engagement and coordination with marketing teams.
  • Outreach strategy to known client side decision makers and developing new contacts in key businesses.
  • Active growth of pipeline and ongoing development of opportunities.
  • Responding to RFI and RFP briefs.