It's all about your customer

If yours is a business with an established online presence but you are looking to turn up the dial on performance, driving growth in visibility, traffic to your onsite assets, and increasing sales, then our sales and marketing strategy work is what you are looking for.

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing too early on building its website. The "build it and they will come" approach leaves a business with potentially some great assets online but without a clear understanding of how you will drive visitors to your website the this approach is likely to fail. Then of course when you have your traffic whats going to make them buy from you? Having great products and pricing aren't enough if a visitor finds your website difficult to navigate and doesn't encourage them to buy!

We take a client centric approach to sales and marketing where before any discussion takes place around the what and the how, we work with our clients to understand 2 things:

  • Your audience.
  • Your buyers within that audience.

If we don't understand who you are trying to attract and convert, then how can we claim to know how to help you achieve this?

Once we have a clear understanding of your audience and buyers then we start to look at how they engage online:

  • what is their default device,
  • when are they receptive to you,
  • where are they,
  • what content genres do they seek out,
  • what specific content types resonate with them.

Its only after we have understood all of these different variables can we then start to look at which channels will be the most effective in engaging with your audience and turning them into buyers.

5 steps