B2B E-Commerce marketplace development

BT Trading Places

The TDS Groups primary service was the acquisition, hosting, and management of clients B2B marketing data. I initially held the position of Operations Manager for the company’s Internet Division and was responsible for providing an internet trading platform to BT using to compete with other similar trading models such as ebay. Particular responsibility was to manage a team of web/database developers, administrators, and webmasters. We implemented the marketplace using the TRADEX online procurement platform. The software suite was scalable and had an object-based business engine incorporating CORBA and JavaBeans technologies.


We later worked with Kimberly-Clark to develop the online connectivity between Kimberly-Clark and its reseller base. This used the Salespage platform and enabled the processing of online orders form resellers and returning complex reporting and accounting processes.

With the role of Projects Manager came the responsibility for the TDS data sales team and the new and existing business development and implementation of other business solutions for the company. The primary functions of this role were new business development and existing customer relationship management.

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  • Internet Operations Manager BT - The TDS Group
  • Projects Manager Kimberly-Clark - The TDS Group
  • 1997 to 2001