IanC474 croppedIan Hucklesby

I'm a qualified technical engineer and spent my early career working in the automotive and aviation industries.

Making the transition from engineering to digital business consulting was a gradual one and, like many other people's career paths, not entirely expected. The first stage was to apply my engineering training to help automotive finance businesses ensure they were financing worthwhile assets, whether it be through correct specification of commercial vehicle builds, or underwriting more conventional assets such as passenger cars.

During one of those tenures I was asked to work on an in-house IT finance project which in-turn led to my project management of the first online trading platform development for passenger cars, which delivered the first system selling passenger cars via the internet. This was a ground breaking project, the first of its kind globally, and the one that ignited a passion for digital business which remains in me to this day.

Since 1997 my focus has been in commerce, direct marketing, and digital marketing sectors. Projects included working with BT to provide on-line trading platforms for buyers and sellers to market their products. This was followed with further e-marketing projects for Kimberly-Clark, Lloyds TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland, npower, Parcelforce, and Fish4.

In 2001 I worked on ground breaking projects with leading international finance specialists including The World Bank and its subsidiary the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in West African promoting data acquisition for credit referencing and marketing purposes. This included being an active member of the Credit Referencing Agency Working Group (CRAWG) in Ghana.

I’m an established networker across the digital industry from operational management up to C-Level. Since 2006 I have successfully led teams in competitive pitches for million plus GBP contracts and been responsible for delivering YOY 7 figure incremental new business.

Having taken part in over 100 new business pitches in the past 10 years I have experienced both the triumph of winning, and the reflection of not meeting the prospective clients expectations. I'm not reluctant to share the fact that I haven't won every pitch I've taken part in. I've found that its those pitches that I have learned most, and its that experience that the businesses I work with benefit from. I'm proud of the fact that when I look at all the pitches I have led, I have an over 50% conversion rate. When you consider that most businesses long-list an average of 10 agencies, and short-list an average 4 agencies, you can start to understand the value that we deliver.

I believe that before you can truly succeed in business you need to understand who your audience is and more importantly how to turn that audience into buyers of your products or services.

A key part of winning business is the belief in your value proposition. I also believe that everyone in any organisation needs to understand why a business does what it does, what the business is looking to achieve, and how it will achieve it. I like to lead teams by bringing them along a journey which encourages them to give their very best, empowers them to deliver the best results while enriching their experience and expertise at the same time.