Finance asset management and underwriting

Mercedes-Benz Finance were the pioneer of real time asset finance in the UK.

As early as 1995 they were already implementing video conferencing between the finance company customer service team and the franchised dealerships. This enabled customers to have a direct conversation with the brand.

This was only possible due to an already tried and tested Finance Link system which enabled the processing and approval of finance within hours of submission enabling buyers to drive away in a new Mercedes the same day as they walked into the dealership.

This was pre broadband and when online transaction were in their infancy. I worked with the team that provided asset evaluation and underwriting for this landmark service.


E-Commerce platform delivery and operation

I led the project team involved in bringing on-line marketing to Mercedes, building the fore-runner to the many auto trading sites found on the web today. This included involvement in development, testing, implementation and operation of the web based real time electronic auction systems and vehicle locator systems.

After launch, daily remit was to deal with operational matters, managing ongoing relationships with buyer and vendors, coordinate sales strategy, and achieve revenue targets.

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