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Cookies are harmless text files designed to make your online life easier, usually by remembering details such as whether you’ve visited a site before, what content you may have viewed and what you’ve placed in your online shopping basket. This data is completely anonymous, containing simply a website name and unique user ID.

Cookies are also used to collect anonymous data about how visitors use a website, such as how long is spent on each page. This allows companies to work out which parts of their websites are most popular, and which sections might need improving to give visitors a better experience of using the site.

None of the cookies we use collect personal information about you; they are simply used to give us anonymous data that allows our website to work properly and help us see where we can improve.

The Ian Hucklesby & Associates website uses anonymised cookies to serve the following functions:

  • Count visitor numbers – several 1st party cookies are used to count visitor numbers, pages viewed and other anonymous data on site usage.
  • Tailoring adverts and content – this allows us to see anonymous data about what information you’ve seen before and how you’ve interacted with our site.
  • Google Analytics tracking – this gives us aggregated data on how visitors use our website, allowing us to see information such as which are our most popular pages, and how long visitors spend on different parts of our site. We use this anonymous data (which is linked only to your IP address, not to any personally identifying information) to identify parts of the site that may need redesigning or rewriting to make them easier to use.
  • Other third party analytics tracking – from time to time, we may also make use of other third party analytics tracking, which again is linked only to your IP address and not to any personal information.

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Disabling cookies in your browser may result in some aspects of the Ian Hucklesby & Associates website not functioning correctly. We therefore recommend keeping cookies enabled to ensure you get the most from our site.

For further information about cookies and how to disable them in different browsers, the Information Commissioner’s Office offers this comprehensive guide to cookies.